is a small company located in Poland, dedicated to deliver high quality, hand turned training clubs to the world at the best price.

All our product are turned by an experienced craftsman and then covered either by oil, polyurethane or paint. Our basic finnish is linseed oil. This is what we prefere becasuse it is safe for the enviroment and zero waste. Its also easy to renew after longterm use. If you want any other finnish please write in the coments below your order. The weigth of the clubs may vary from the weight given on the web site up to 10 % do to diffrent density of the same category of wood. We will try our best to make it as close to peoper weigth as possible

We have tcouple club models for you to choose from, which we think are the best for a specific style of swinging : Miller and British Military clubs for anglo-american style swinging and Persian Mils for heavy club swinging.

After you pay for the clubs please allow 14 working days production time as we are turning them just for you.

Let’s keep the art of wooden club training alive and well together !